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Francine B.

Business reporter for international, national, and local newspapers and magazines. Public relations consultant. Author of nonfiction books.

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Jen K.

Award-winning, professional, bestselling author of books with major publishing houses; over 2 million copies sold, both in the U.S. and internationally; translated into 6 languages.

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Cecilia Danieli

Cecilia Danieli, an award-winning published author, an editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach. If it’s nonfiction, she has probably tackled it at some point in her publishing career of 30+ years.

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Benjamin Miller

Benjamin Miller Stokes has authored, ghostwritten, and collaborated on more than 40 books, including several highly regarded works of fiction and nonfiction and two screenplays.

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Olivia John

Expressing my thoughts in my own words give me the comfort and pleasure that no other can. From how I start my day to what happens in between, no one can describe the happenings better than me.

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Bonnie HH

Since 2003, have written and edited numerous book proposals and fiction/nonfiction manuscripts. Articles published for Publishers Weekly, Writer’s Digest, The Writer, and Medium.

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Sergio Marchionne

Sergio Marchionne graduated from the Langara School of Journalism in 2007 and is the co-founder of the marketing company Kipling Media.

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Alex McR.

Alex McR is an award-winning columnist and Pulitzer Prize nominated former newspaper reporter. He now writes novels and nonfiction books and has a successful ghostwriting career.

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Andrew J. M.

Editor, Founder, Guest Editor and Editorial Board member for variety of literary and academic journals, including: Gangway Literary Magazine, Arab World English Journal, Arabia Review, Arabian Scholar.

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Judith J. Ratcliffe

Judith J. Ratcliffe is a busy East Coast freelance writer, editor, scriptwriter, and interactive game designer. She has had over twenty original motion picture screenplay sales/options/commissions in Hollywood.

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William W. C.

Publications of note include: SPORT, Nation’s Business, Tampa Bay Business Journal,Football Digest, Baseball Weekly, Inside Sports, Tampa Bay Illustrated, USA Today, Engineering News Record.

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Mike B.

He works best in adventure & sci-fi, but can do others as well, including poetry. Pure comedy isn't my strong suit, but I can always give it a shot. That being said, injecting humor into the projects is a preference when it's appropriate.

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He has consulted with several companies nationwide including, Thrifty Car Rental, Professional Tutors of America, Reader’s Digest, Indiana University, United Methodist Laymen, Inc. National Assn.

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Rachel H.

Rachel H. Author of “Watching Over Me,” a non-fiction book published by One Body Press in 2016.

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Sam S.

Award-winning ghostwriter, screenwriter, writing coach and editor.

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Sherry G.

Over twenty years of experience in writing, ghostwriting, publishing, teaching, business, television, radio and public speaking.

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Stephanie H.

Skilled editor with a gift for enhancing the written word without compromising vital content.

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Steve B.

Steve is a forensic mystery/thriller author drawing on life experiences as forensic investigator and biotech entrepreneur.

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