Everything is in great hands

Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke is a ghostwriter who specializes in business books for entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Anna Katz

She earned a master’s degree in existential phenomenological therapeutic psychology from Seattle University and worked in the field of mental health and social services for over a decade.

Conor Kelley

11 years’ experience writing for MLB Hall of Fame athletes, Fortune 500 CEO’s, social justice leaders, and more over 15 books and countless articles.

Samantha Subert

Samantha, an award-winning published author, an editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach. If it’s nonfiction, she has probably tackled it at some point in her publishing career of 30+ years.

David R. Strokes

David R. Stokes has authored, ghostwritten, and collaborated on more than 40 books, including several highly regarded works of fiction and nonfiction and two screenplays.

Sabriga Turgon

She is a certified Ghostwriter and owner of Ghostwriter Global where her brand tagline is “Better Books for a Better World”.

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee is a former business columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle and author of “Rebuilding Empires” (St. Martin’s Press).

Joel Mark Harris

Joel Mark Harris graduated from the Langara School of Journalism in 2007 and is the co-founder of the marketing company Kipling Media.

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