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Our professionals have decades of experience in this industry and they know everything about proofreading. Error free, No typo , and zero mistake can escape their perusing lens. Whether you need a thorough review or extensive editing, we tailor our professional proofreading services to circumscribe your manuscript's need.

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We have a team of experienced, qualified proofreaders. We charge a flat rate per thousand words and depending on the length of the manuscripts, Remember to return the edited and proofread draft within 2 weeks max. Our professional proofreading service includes all software tool based scans.

Our Approach

Our quality in ghostwriting is driven from exclusive and client-centric approach.

Experts in All Genres

Our team of creative and expert ghostwriters have mastered the trait of ghostwriting where we specialize in all genres. Be it a piece of non-fiction book, a novel or an autobiography. We take pride in delivering exclusive quality and unmatched services.

Personalized Service

Based on your ideas, requirements and the genre of Ghostwriting, we have a team of experienced writers at your disposal. We ensure all your instructions are met, formulate a plan and execute the ideas within the decided time.


Client Communication

All our clients are important and every project is unique. We keep a special emphasis on client communication and keep you in the loop throughout the process. This ensures us to deliver optimum results with 100% client satisfaction.

Proof-Reading At Its Best

We are here for you. At Ghostwriting Venture, we offer complete proofreading services. Our services include:

  • Rectifying typos, grammar, punctuation
  • Intense proofreading; syntax, restructuring
  • Helpful consultancy about the manuscript
  • Innovative editing; generating new content

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Our Proofreading Process

Draft Submission
The client submits the script with a set of instruction about proofing, editing, and publishing.
Reading and Examining
We assign a copyeditor to the project who would thoroughly read and review the draft with a keen eye for mistakes.
Fixing Errors
The proofreader corrects all typos and mistakes and peruses the manuscript one more time to make sure there are no errors left.
Software Examining
Then the draft run through aa lot of software’s such as Grammarly, Copyscape, and Hemingway for 100% error-free results.
Finalizing for Design
The final proofread draft is send for the approval after the client conformation. We send it for typesetting and designing.

What makes Ghostwriting Venture the best?

We're professional, experienced and have a team of the best ghostwriters of the industry. We come with our best and professional ghostwriting services seeking to become your number one choice for book writing. We helped many of our clients become the bestseller and authors with our professional ghostwriting services. Our writers are well experienced with the ruled, guidelines of a brilliant book writing and transform your thoughts into a well-written & published book.