With Over 12 Years Of Experience; 1500+ Finished Projects, Ghostwriting Venture
Has Been Blessed With Several Amazing Clients

I’ve always wanted to become an author, but sadly, I couldn’t find the time to write. It seemed to me like my dream would remain a dream, but all that changed when I found Ghostwriting Venture. Now, I’m an author of two books and my third book is in the works, thanks to Ghostwriting Venture.

Casey Hinkson

NGL, I had my doubts about Ghostwriting Venture, but I’m glad to say that I was wrong. These guys are pros and know what they are doing. So far, they’ve worked on 9 of my projects and I hope to increase the number of these projects. Highly recommended

Cathy Iverson

So I had this idea about a book, but due to my super-busy schedule, I was only able to write two pages in a month. Instead of giving up on my book, I decided to hire a ghostwriter. After proper due diligence, I decided to go with Ghostwriting Venture and I’m happy to report that I made the right decision.

Randall Park

A few years ago, I wrote a book but couldn’t get it published due to a couple of issues. Then I got to know about Ghostwriting Venture’s publishing services. I asked them if they can publish it for me and as it turns out, they can. Not only that, but they also gave me complimentary editing services.

Kate Morris

Professional, Dedicated, and Incredibly Talented! Ghostwriting Venture Team has done a remarkable job while writing my business book. You guys did it exactly the way I wanted and even did some modifications that were better than my expectations. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to get the most out of their book. THANKYOU!!!

Dara Smith

I’ve been extremely pleased working with Professional Writer and their team. The team worked with me through the entire process. I got really amazing service, turn-around time is excellent. They have a very professional team who made my book as NYT bestseller, Now I have 2 more projects with them and smoothly going on. I would highly recommend GWV for all of your publishing and editing needs.

Greg Davies

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