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Even right now hundreds of thousands of writers are putting their heart and soul into their writing but unable to get it published for many different reasons but our self-publishing services can help you. With Ghostwriting Venture, every author can publish their work professionally and get their desire status with ours self-publishing consultant guiding you can finally achieve your dream.

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Specializes in publishing books and eBooks of all genres, formats

Ghostwriting Venture focusses in all genres, formats and offer you a place where you can get self-publishing services for yourself. The reputation we got now is earned through our many client’s trust and the excellent quality of ours work helping them to become authors with best self-publishing services we give. Don’t think that we are another book publishing service provider yes, we do offer you best self-publishing services. But we are come think bigger than just a self-publishing services benefactor we are your ultimate resource to achieve your dream reputation into reality.

Our Approach

Our quality in ghostwriting is driven from exclusive and client-centric approach.

Experts in All Genres

Our team of creative and expert ghostwriters have mastered the trait of ghostwriting where we specialize in all genres. Be it a piece of non-fiction book, a novel or an autobiography. We take pride in delivering exclusive quality and unmatched services.

Personalized Service

Based on your ideas, requirements and the genre of Ghostwriting, we have a team of experienced writers at your disposal. We ensure all your instructions are met, formulate a plan and execute the ideas within the decided time.


Client Communication

All our clients are important and every project is unique. We keep a special emphasis on client communication and keep you in the loop throughout the process. This ensures us to deliver optimum results with 100% client satisfaction.

We are here for YOU!

Our customers have published some of the most brilliant work and we have guaranteed that they were provided with the top publishing platform e.g. and Barnes & Noble. Our Publishing Service Includes:

  • Thorough reviewing
  • Cover designing & Illustration
  • Formatting
  • Self-publication assistance
  • eBook Formatting
  • Consultation

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Is your book idea so captivating or unique that publishers will want to contract with you before the book is even written?

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Our Process

Draft Submission
The client submits the draft along with all instructions about editing, printing, and publishing.
Editing and Proofreading
We assign a qualified editor to review, examine, edit and proofread the draft accurately.
Typesetting, Images, Illustrations
Once the manuscript is completed after editing, we set its font and add images and graphical illustrations.
Book Designing
The book is professionally designed, with front and back covers, notes, author’s bio, table of content and disclaimer.
ISBN, Publishing, and Distribution
We can get you your ISBN for print versions. The approved, designed manuscript is aligned for publishing in client’s required formats.

What makes Ghostwriting Venture the best?

We're professional, experienced and have a team of the best ghostwriters of the industry. We come with our best and professional ghostwriting services seeking to become your number one choice for book writing. We helped many of our clients become the bestseller and authors with our professional ghostwriting services. Our writers are well experienced with the ruled, guidelines of a brilliant book writing and transform your thoughts into a well-written & published book.