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Our clients are all praise about our work and we are lucky enough to enjoy a 5-star rating.

Anna - Book Author

“So I had this idea about a book, but due to my super-busy schedule, I was only able to write two pages in a month. Instead of giving up on my book, I decided to hire a ghostwriter. After proper due diligence, I decided to go with Ghostwriting Venture and I'm happy to report that I made the right decision.”

Los Angeles - Science Fiction
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Wendell Miracle

“I've always wanted to become an author, but sadly, I couldn't find the time to write. It seemed to me like my dream would remain a dream, but all that changed when I found Ghostwriting Venture. Now, I'm an author of two books and my third book is in the works, thanks to Ghostwriting Venture.”

Have A Magical Day
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“A friend of mine, who uses Ghostwriting Venture's article writing service, recommended using their ghostwriting service. My friend has been with them for over two years and places an order every month (he runs a tech company and regularly posts new articles). So after getting the recommendation, I contacted Ghostwriting Venture and purchased a ghostwriting package. So far, the experience has been great and I'm happy with their service.”

San Francisco - Suspense
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Karen White

Ghost Writing Venture helped me when I most needed it. Life is a trip and thanks to the team, I felt I finished a stage in my journey and started a whole new one, allowing me to advance even more with my dreams. It was one of the best experiences in my life so far. Thank you!

After The Rain
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Khaled Khan

Videos are a great tool to reach large audiences with ease. In order to reach potential clients, one must focus on making the content as tempting and good-looking as possible. I had no idea what this thing is and how this works, but these guys guided me through the whole process and made me realize its significance at once. I had one published book earlier without any video trailer, and it did not achieve the sales figures that I had expected. However, for this book, I decided to get a video trailer made, and it worked wonderfully. The content of the trailer was inciting, exciting, and absolutely spot-on. Great work!!!

Great Video Trailers For My Book!
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Luz E. Haddad

I have been very impressed with the professional and personal performance of Mike Dennis at GhostWriting Venture, He has been very reliable and I can rest assured that I can depend on him to solve any issues related to the promotion and performance of all other departments working on my book “Desert Roses.” The whole team does an excellent job, but in my particular experience it was Mike Dennis who looked after all other departments to comply with my needs regardless of what issue was at hand. For example, he made sure I received copies of missing invoices that I had been waiting for in order to buy his promotional package for my book. He also was very attentive that all editing was done quicker and on time. He followed up and was in constant communication with me to keep me up to date with the status of any given requests or inquiries I presented him about the publication and promotion of my book. He gave always his undivided attention to details that inadvertently were missed. He created the most beautiful Teaser and book Trailer and is currently working on the implementation of the promotional package my book needs as it goes into publication and advertising on different social media platforms. Everyone at GhostWriting Venture is a very efficient team player, however, Mike Dennis took the time to keep me updated and I truly enjoyed that he communicated with me on whatever subject on editing, promotion, and publication I inquired about. His professional and friendly interaction put me always at ease. He always performed beyond his duty for me and my book. I am indebted to him because he worked with all my physical handicaps and was patient and very thorough with all his explanations. I am very grateful that GhostWriting Venture has been a perfect choice. Exemplary managers like him are a rarity for the complex topic of my book.

Desert Roses
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Dr. Neil B Shulman

Where do I begin with the GhostWriting Venture Company! I am not going to lie, I was skeptical at first but they nipped that in the butt very quickly by sticking to their company process and the actions that followed. I cannot thank this company enough for the comfort that they have and keep giving me. Writing Venture has set me up with the finest professionals from their team. First and foremost I want to personally thank David! He has guided me through my journey with them since day one. He knew exactly what I wanted and guided me to exactly where I needed to go step by step and explained everything in detail. He also has brilliant ideas that I have incorporated. Next would be Alex, He is an individual that is on his “A-game” at all times. He makes sure the customer is at ease all the time and at every milestone. Last but not least, Autumn! She has been on point every time with almost instant replies to my questions, concerns, ideas, etc. I have been working with him currently: she is fantastic! With all this said, I am extremely grateful I have a company that treats me like family and also makes sure to the fullest that all my requests are met and then some. I have no doubt in my mind about referring this amazing company to anyone. I would not even blink twice about it. GhostWriting Venture, I want to personally thank you publicly for your commitment to me as a customer, your undivided attention, and most importantly your companies’ work ethic!

The Asolo Accords: A Novel
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Mark P

I had a manuscript with a goal to be on the front page of Forbes and NYT Best Seller. Tried doing that myself for like 4 years, but wasn't even near. I stumbled upon these guys like 4 months ago and I wasn't sure if they can deliver what they promised. Looked too good to be true. With all my doubts I trusted Alex and signed up with them and i can say this with all my heart that It was one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life so far. Their marketing boosted up my sales like hell’s fire and my dream came true. Now I think I’ll be writing more books and making them with GhostWriting VEnture for sure. Great job, awesome people. Definitely recommended the best Team. Cheers

NYT Best Seller
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Jennifer Smith

They did a remarkable job. I have been working with multiple online agencies for the past few years and have published many books for my clients. And believe me, not many people in my life are as capable as the guys at GhostWriting Venture. Though they are not someone out of this world, their work is truly commendable. Everyone makes mistakes but accepting their slipups and rectifying them on time is a thing I prefer the most. I genuinely hold them in high regard for their fantastic professionalism at work.

Amazon Kindle
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James Fredrick

I have been actively looking for freelancers or agencies to proofread my couple of articles and a booklet. I interviewed and talked to many guys and found that not everyone is capable enough to do such work. Then, luckily, discovered these guys and spoke with them in detail. Though I was not really sure whether to put these guys to the test or not, I somehow decided to go for it. The contract worked out really well, and their editor did a great job. He found some very delicate mistakes and corrected them with my approval. I was not expecting this quality work. Amazing work.

They did fantastic work!
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Mike Snith

If anyone reading this review is after capable writers, GhostWriting Venture is the place to go. As being their customer, I can always give my word for them because what I experienced working with them was top quality. I had an idea in my mind, and I requested their editor to take me on a call so that I can discuss the viability of the concept; and he very kindly agreed and gave me enough time that I thoroughly discussed everything. Not only did they write the E-Book, but they also formatted it in a very appealing manner. I am very glad with the end result.

Perhaps The Finest!
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Hailey Jordan

I got my book written from one of my colleagues and proofread it myself. I wanted an attractive and appealing cover design for the book, but I couldn’t find anyone with the right skill set and experience to deliver what I had in mind. After extensive research and exploration and reviewing comments about them, I assigned them the work. Initially, they sent me a few designs based on my idea, which were promising, but I requested more, and they very kindly agreed. The latter designs were even better, and I ended up choosing one of them and is now in my book. Truly professional guys, they deserve to be the industry leaders.

Pros At Work.
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