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Everyone has a story, and that’s why our mission is to help those people write, publish and market their stories for the world to see.

Most individuals and even accomplished authors face particular issues while writing their stories. Some people struggle with time constraints, some face writer’s block, and some have issues converting their ideas to elaborate stories. Whatever the issue may be, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ve got your back!

At Ghostwriting Venture, we have a team of over 150 ghostwriters, editors, illustrators, publishers, marketers, and support agents providing top-tier ghostwriting and publishing solutions to clients around the globe.


et On Board With Our Finest Book Trailer Service

With a team of professional video animators and motion graphics experts, your books will get the finest cinematic trailers for every genre. A book trailer is a classical way to market your book to create some much-needed hype! Our expert videomakers create professional book trailers that entice viewers. This leads to increased sales and increased recognition.

In recent years, demand for video trailers has gone up, giving authors a unique way to promote their books, raise their online presence, and expand their reach. It’s a unique way to market your book's message through motion pictures combined with audio, magnetic soundtracks, and charismatic characters to build a strong connection with the audience.

Getting your book video trailer to stand out, appeal to readers, and generate good profit is our strong suit and one of Ghostwriting Venture's primary goals. Furthermore, we believe in crafting video trailers beyond par because, in the end, it's all about engaging potential readers and familiarizing them with the narrative of your story.

Our team at Ghostwriting Venture does their utmost to provide the kind of cinematic video trailers that leave the audience wanting more.


Key Elements To Compelling Video Trailers

Let's take a quick look at how various elements combine to make compelling book video trailers to fascinate global audiences.


Honing In On The Target Audience

Before making a book video trailer, knowing the target audience is key. Being aware of your target audience can provide useful lessons for the trailers. Aspects such as audience nature, emotional affairs, morals, daily issues etc., can become guiding points for the production of the video.

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Video’s Hook

We craft your book video trailer in a way that uplifts & promotes your book's hook. It's a headline or a statement designed to generate curiosity among readers. It makes your book unique from competitors and attracts more readers. Crafting a hook is to keep your book trailer focused and straightforward, so you don't need to summarize your entire novel or any chapter. A robust hook lays the foundation for a memorable book trailer.

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Length Of The Video Trailer

The entire book can not be summarized into a book trailer, but our experts know the drill. Video trailers are meant to be short but comprehensive at the same time, so molding the 'main idea' of the book into a trailer to create suspense and generate curiosity among viewers is what we excel at.

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Gripping Imagination

One of the most popular benefits of making video trailers is the use of impactful imagery to help express the tone of your book. Gripping imagery is a specialty of our animators and artists. It requires many skills and practice to make mind-blowing graphics to intrigue the audience with its charm.

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Convincing Audio

Besides having impactful imagery, impactful audio is also necessary to influence the viewer. Book video trailers primarily involve text and images, but adding compelling music can make the difference and help set your book trailer's tone.

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CTA (Call To Action)

Designing a compelling call to action is the most crucial part of the video trailers. We strive to make your CTA in a way that captures the attention of readers and motivates them to get your book. The placement of a call to action can vary, but it mostly appears in the closing scene, stating the book's availability on Amazon or Kindle.

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Have you finished writing a children’s book and want to create some buzz with a video trailer? Hire us to create video trailers that match the energy or your book.


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Your thriller book needs a thrilling video trailer and with Ghostwriting Venture by your side, it’s super easy to create. So don’t wait; get thrilling!


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The trailers for fiction & fantasy books need to be created by a team of highly creative individuals and we’ve got a whole team of them. Get yours today!


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